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A Virtual Private Server or VPS Hosting is a virtualized server. It is significant to note that a VPS environment imitates a dedicated server and technically speaking, it is both dedicated hosting and shared hosting. Renowned and reputed hosting companies offer VPS Malaysia services.

Different Types of Hosting Solutions

There are several types of web hosting solutions available, and VPS Hosting is one of them. You can choose this hosting solution and host your website online. When hosting a site on the internet, it is necessary to have specific website files on the web server. Since setting up a server and managing the same is a costly and cumbersome affair, it is better to purchase web hosting. Using this VPS Malaysia service, one can easily rent space on the server. It not only makes it convenient for an average person allowing him to host a website online but also they are just supposed to upload their site files. It means there is no need to invest in an expensive server setup.

Suffice to know that all hosting account types are same in one aspect and that is they offer a web server on which you can run your website. There may be a variation in terms of the way they have been set up, the customization level and the features offered by them.

Difference between VPS Hosting and Shared and Dedicated

An entire server is rented with dedicated servers, and this option is perfectly suitable for those websites experiencing heavy traffic or needs the server to be set up in a particular way. Thus, a dedicated web server may not be a requirement for everyone. If a new website is being launched, a lot of money can be saved by renting a small portion of the server. This is shared web hosting solution when one shares a part of the server along with many others that renting an entire server. If you are not sure about which hosting solution is perfect for you, it is time to learn more about VPS hosting.

VPS Hosting- How it works?

The VPS Hosting technology is similar to Virtual Box or VMware. A variety of virtualized operating systems can run with the help of these programs on one machine. For instance, if Windows 7 is running on your desktop, you can run Linux or Windows XP as well to restart the computer.

Virtualization of Operating System

The VPS hosting environment function in a similar fashion. Despite having one physical server, a variety of virtualized operating systems can run on one server. Each of this system works as a dedicated server. This way, users can enjoy the advantages of a dedicated server but without investing a lot of money.

Advantages of VPS Hosting

Malaysia VPS Hosting offers a lot of benefits. It not only provides affordability that is available with shared hosting but also a lot of control and power like a dedicated server.


Since in a VPS Hosting you do not share the operating system with anyone, there are no other websites on that server that can access the files.


There is a separate Operating System with a VPS server. You can easily customize your server application like PHP, Apache, and MySQL. Suitable changes can be done on the server to match specific needs.


When installing server applications requiring a restart of a system, it can be done at any time. Even when sharing a server technically with other VPS Servers, your server can be restarted without impacting anyone.

Besides enjoying benefits, you also enjoy dedicated RAM available anytime. Thus, VPS Hosting proves to be the optimal solution for a majority of websites.

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