Amazon Product Photography Guidelines for New Sellers


Are you sure that your product photograph meets the demand of Amazon product photography guidelines? Is your product photograph conveying professionalism? Are these product photographs attractive enough to persuade customers to buy your product?

Product photograph plays an important role in the outcome of your eCommerce business. A product with a high-quality image displaying how the product look bedside description holds more chances of purchase than the product which is photoshopped. eCommerce buyer has a lot of experience in determining which one is worth buying and which is a mere scam.

Amazon Product Photography Guidelines:

To improve your product photography game and to elevate your Amazon Business, follow the mentioned guidelines.

Firstly, Follow the Amazon’s Technical Guidelines:

Before jumping on to other requirements, have a look at the basic requirement which are needed to upload a product photograph. Keep in mind the following guidelines when you are working with your photographer.

  • Format: TIFF (.tif/.tiff), PNG (.png), GIF (.gif), JPEG (.jpeg/.jpg) formats are allowed of images.
  • Dimension: A pixel dimension of 1000 or larger is required either in width or height is required so that there is always room for editing.
  • Color Mode: sRGB or CMYK color mode is required.
  • Naming: While naming your product, you are required to use the keywords which act as product identifier which must be followed by period and file extension.
  • File Size:The maximum file size is 10Mb.

Use Maximum Allowed Pictures:

To make sure that you define your product completely in terms of pictures, you can add maximum allowed pictures from different angles showing your product. Besides one central image, you can add eight supporting images so that your buyer manages to get a 360-degree look at what they are paying for.

Basic Image Elements for Central Image:

Follow the basic guidelines for your central image as:

  • The background of the image must be white so that the buyer can have a clear look at the product.
  • The image shouldn’t be a drawing or illustration but an original photograph.
  • No extra text, drawings, should be presented on the central image.
  • The white canvas must be filled at the percentage of 85% by the product you are selling.

Portray Actual Size of Image:

Make sure to show the actual size of the image so that after the arrival of the product at the customers’ doorstep, they don’t come back looking for a review box to fill it with bad reviews.

For to save your brand from this trouble, add one supporting image showing its size by placing it against a measurable object so that your customers can have a vivid image of the product. If you are not sure how to do it right, you can partner with a reliable service provider like Amazon product photography China to make sure you are using the right size of image.

Watermarked Images Are A Big No:

Do not use watermarked images in your central/main image or the supporting image. It bashes down the professionalism and hence drags down your eCommerce business. always display your product clearly without any hindrance or deviations.

Keep Up with Your Image Resolution:

Do not compromise on the quality of your product image. The blurry image will put off your customer at a glance. Use professional’s help if you are not aware of how to take a good photograph. The image shouldn’t pixelate on zoom-in, so keep that in mind too while taking the photographs of the product.

Final Thoughts:

Because images are the first thing buyer looks at when visiting your Amazon shop, it should be attractive, alluring and satisfy the customer for to buy the very product. Look upon the following guidelines next time you are working on Amazon Image photography to ensure a 100% response rate.

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