Business Applications Android Users Must Not Skip


Applications are there related to everything and anything. You know what these applications are no longer just for social media and that of gaming. Small business owners, freelancers and even that of side-hustlers do depend a lot on business-ready apps to assist them stay organized, effective, productive and connected.

You know what in this post you would get to know about some of the most hottest and useful applications for business. These work oriented applications might open up a new arena for you. These applications encompass powerful add-ons, current SaaS (software as a service) products, and unique applications that are free and convenient to use. No matter what the size or needs of your business, these apps do deserve a peep.


It is an outstanding Intuit app for SMBs. Gusto caters an all-in-one place to arrange and manage payroll, advantages and human resources. Unlike other types of payroll solutions, this application was built particularly for small businesses, and the bright visual interface it has is convenient to use even if you have no knowledge with payroll software. You can find this application useful and effective for your parole tasks and procedures. Giving it a try would not harm you in any way.


In case you do not already own this amazing app in the market for your affordable, user-friendly accounting solution, it is highly recommended that you try it out. Through this powerful app, you can easily access customer information, save photos of receipts, send invoices, manage late invoices, send email estimates, track the expenses and much more. You would definitely find this app quite effective and comfortable for your business.


One of the foremost major communication apps, Skype is still one foot eh most useful and effective free small business app for hosting video conference calls and that of chatting in general. You can easily install Skype on the go with the Android app and this app permits the users to use the front-facing camera on the phone or tablet and stay connected with the team no matter where you (or they) maybe. One of Skype’s finest features is the capability to call non-Skype users, and even international numbers, at a reasonable rate via the Skype Credit program.


Even the smallest businesses can now accept credit cards and thanks to Square for this. Once you have installed the free app, you can easily sign up to receive a credit card reader dongle (for free) in the email. When the dongle reaches, you can plug it directly into the Android device, and there you are you own a portable POS system at your disposal. Of course, maybe there are similar apps out there, Square is one of the most trendiest and cherished apps because it is absolutely easy to use and the flat-rate pricing (irrespective of card type and whether you run a card as that of credit or debit) is perfect for small businesses.


Thus, get 9apps install and you would get all these wonderful and effective applications in your device. The third party play store would get all these applications to you without any rouble or hassle and in a speedy manner.

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