Family Digital Photography Ideas


I have been our family’s “Digital Photography Ideas” person for over 25 years. During that time I have taken hundreds of family portrait pictures and have gone through approximately 15 different cameras, from inexpensive throw-aways to the more expensive SLR’s.

From these experiences I have created a “Don’t Like List” of certain camera features that I prefer not to have on my camera. A camera is a very personal thing and most camera enthusiasts have their own personal pet peeve list. Here is my list:

Camera Size: I despise those small “pocket size cameras” that have numbers and letters on the controls that are so small I have to use reading glasses and have some daylight in order to read or change a camera setting. Another thing about smaller cameras is they are much more likely to get damaged because they are almost TOO accessible to any pocket, any shelf, any child, not to mention to any Cousin George when you toss it across the room so he can get a different picture angle. Larger cameras look more”photo professional” and you will just naturally take better care of it.
Shutter Speed: How many times have you done (or seen) this . . . it takes at least 5 minutes to round up everybody for a group family picture, then another 3 minutes for everybody to position themselves, then when all is ready and you press the shutter button to take the picture, NOTHING HAPPENS FOR ABOUT 3 SECONDS! Now, 3 seconds isn’t a long time, but 3 seconds is long enough for somebody to say or do something to completely mess up the picture. They may be a little more expensive, but do your self a favor and get a camera that has a fast shutter speed.
Zoom-In Feature: Unless you have a very expensive camera and a steady hand, you will end up deleting 75% of your “zoom-in pictures” because you’ll probably have blurred pictures. You don’t need to pay extra for camera features that don’t work properly . . . just stand a little closer to your subject.
Image Stabilization: I have not found a camera where this feature works 100% of the time, but I do know it can come in real handy when called on to take an important picture “the morning after”.
There, you have my list. Your personal list will evolve over time and will change from time to time as newer and better camera equipment is introduced.

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