FTP Apps for Mobile Devices


If you happen to run a small business, or even a large business, or work with a large group of people in some way or another, then you have no idea how much easier life can be with a reliable FTP client. FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol. It sounds confusing, but the theory behind it is actually quite simple: an FTP client or software is essentially a way in which you can transfer files from one location to another. For example, a newspaper staff would use an FTP client in order to transfer the lay-out of their newspaper- with all the print, headlines, pictures, ads, etc.- to the place where it gets printed. The process is done entirely through the internet and is much easier than sending it physically or through the mail. The whole process is quite simple, but there are some steps that one should take in order to make sure the FTP client is safe and secure and is working as efficiently as possible. The allure of the FTP software is that it can transfer very, very large files relatively quickly. This is something that most e-mail service providers can not offer, as there tends to be a size limit at some point.

FTP software used to be too large to use on mobile devices, but now it is totally possible. Here are some great FTP apps you can use on most- if not all- mobile devices. It has now become much simpler to send extremely large files on extremely small devices. Technology works in magic ways like that.

WinSCP (Windows)

This FTP client is compatible with all Windows Operating System devices- both in the form of computer and smart phones. The synchronized web feature has been a big reason why this FTP software is preferred by many of the most prolific users of FTP products.

Transmit (Mac OSX)

This Apple FTP client is perfect for use on iPads especially because of its size and how easy it is to manage. It features some of the most innovative features available on the FTP software market, which is nothing new for Apple and Apple users. It has been so innovative that even Window users have been calling for their own version that has all the features that Transmit has.

FireFTP (All Platforms)

This FTP client is the most versatile because it works on all platforms and operating systems if they have the Mozilla FireFox web browser installed on them (which is free and really simple to install.)

Bobby H. is a freelance writer for a variety of news and arts blogs, lifestyle magazines, small community newspapers in the Pacific Northwest, and various search engine optimization and marketing companies. He uses FTP clients very frequently as his job demands that he send large files constantly. When he is not writing, he is sleeping very soundly and dreaming about writing. His life is boring like that.

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