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The animation is widely used in the graphic designing industry. While graphic designing is all about creating images that are very powerful and attention seeking, animation is all about creating movement in these still images so as to give an illusion that they are actually moving. Commonly seen in cartoons films, movie (whether it is action, thriller or even dramatic)this is a fast developing field. Like graphic designing, this uses particular software to create the illusion. So, animation is nothing but a presentation that includes both audio and video material from various sources into this single presentation and is referred to as a multimedia presentation at Hence, a multimedia file can include images, sounds, videos, text, graphics etc.

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More about animation:

Animation is available in 4 types.

  1. The first is the basic animation which draws its foundation to basic hand drawn pictures. This is usually2D hand drawn animation. This can be related to those drawings where you see small changes in the motion in every picture.
  2. Stop motion graphic animation: This uses puppets, clays and models for creating an illusion of movement. Mostly seen in movies like King Kong, where images are used to reflect the animation.
  3. Motion graphic animation: An extension of basic animation, these look like a moving image when got on screen. Once the images are created with slight change in the motion, the drawings are photographed, voices, music etc. are added and that’s it!
  4. Computer graphic animation: In this type of animation, a particular software is used to create the required image with special effects. If human are includes, some special sensors may be usedto capture the movement

Computer graphic animation is further divided into 2D animation graphic and 3D animation graphic.

While in a 2D animation you just see the scene happening in 2 dimensions of X-axis and Y-axis, in a 3D animation you also see the 3rd dimension of Z-axis. In a 3D animation, as computer graphics are used, it gives a more realistic scene. As a 3D is created on a computer and also uploaded on a computer, it is quite obvious that it takes more time as well.


Animation is a simple presentation of images with a small change in their movement. However, with changing technology, there is a great change in the way these movements are shown. The latest development in 3D animation has certainly increased the value of animation studies and career options for many at

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