How Efficient Is Your PPC Management


The internet penetration throughout the world has been phenomenal. According to a study, the worldwide internet penetration stood at 51.7% as on June 30, 2017. Interestingly, it has reached well above the 80% mark in the US and the European countries. It further connotes that the next phase of growth in internet users will be coming from the developing and underdeveloped countries. Therefore, the scope of taking your products and services to the worldwide markets will be enormous in the coming years. On the flip side, competition in the virtual space will hot up each day and an effective PPC management system will bring all the differences here for your business.

What is PPC?

PPC stands for pay-per-click and it is also known as the CPC (cost per click). It is an internet advertising model that directs traffic to your website. It further connotes that you can take PPC to your advantage in the business where the cost of advertising is paid in proportion to the exact number of clicks on your ad at a mutually agreed rate. But, the million dollar question is how you will know whether your PPC is working or not.

You aren’t alone in the virtual space. In fact, there may be hundreds of companies like you that are offering similar products and services. Those companies too are using some form of internet advertising. Therefore, it becomes an imperative for you to differentiate in the search engine marketing techniques where an effective PPC management system plays a pivotal role. In other words, you should choose a right partner to do the onus here. In the process, you will be able to devote your time and energy in some more productive pockets of your business that, in turn, will maximise the ROI (return on investment) of your business.

Tips to measure the effectiveness of your PPC management system:

  • Quality score of the keywords: Keywords are an integral part of a PPC campaign. The crux is that keywords’ ranking keeps changing with time since millions of sites are uploaded everyday all over the world and Google uses more than 200 algorithms for SEO. Therefore, a regular check on the quality score of the keywords is important. You can do it easily by clicking on your Adwords Account Interface. Such a check will help you lower your CPC and manage the campaign better.
  • Campaign metrics: Your main aim is to boost your sales. Therefore, an increase of traffic to your site alone will not suffice the purpose of a PPC campaign unless it is complemented by the higher the conversion rate. In other words, the conversion rate is the performance tracker here. Monitoring the conversion rate will help you know the effectiveness of a PPC campaign.
  • Flexible strategy: Your strategy for an effective PPC should be flexible to embrace changes as may be required from time to time.

An effective PPC management system defines different levels of its service such as Facebook PPC, Google PPC Network, Google in store visit reporting, competition intelligence, keywords, and YouTube Video Ads to name a few here.


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