How to Keep Your Smart Phone Malware Safe – Some Must-Dos


Malware finds easy entry into the systems and mobile phones due to the rampant use of internet popular among laptops, mobile and desktop users. The malware is designed in such a way that it entices the users easily and the user falls into their trap thinking it to be a thing of great utility. So, users must stay alert while working in open environment.

How to make PC malware safe

There is no rocket science involved in keeping malware at bay. All you need is a common sense and alertness in attitude when you use laptops or computers in shared networks. There are few points which you must include in regular updation regimen of your PC:

  • Update software regularly

Updation alerts are not to annoy you, just believe it! There is a reason behind why you are sent alerts about updating the software. Newer versions of software have more robust mechanisms to fight away malware; so, it is important to have only the most updated software on their computing systems.

  • Use only one anti-malware

If you are thinking that using more than one anti-malware is a guarantee to more secured computer system, then you definitely have fooled yourself. This practice is space-consuming, resource inefficient and also, quite responsible for poor results; because each anti-malware starts working against the other instead of working together, leaving your PC vulnerable to PC instead of protected.

  • Enable pop-up blockers

Pop-ups from malware origins come with a very enticing message prompting you to click on them. The only purpose of these pop-ups is to eat away the resources and disrupt the functioning of your computer. Thus, use common sense while using internet and focus only on the things related to work.

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