How to Stop Cyber Crime


The article gives a brief about cybercrime, a topic that has obsessed the world of cybernetics, law enforcement organizations, and Justice Departments of late in the wake of slashing of high profile websites across the globe.

A friend of mine once called the Internet the ‘1st wonder of contemporary civilization,’ and it’s obvious he is not far from the fact. The Internet has come to a stop, and as humanity changes through its evolutionary pathway, it will play an essential role in all aspects of human endeavour.

Presently the Internet is mostly used for issues of trade and communication. In the future, the healthcare sector is likely to take a better share of internet actions as ‘e-lab and e-diagnostics procedures’ allow DIY broadcast of illnesses through moveable communication gadgets such as the cell-phone electric tablets.

As the use of the Internet becomes universal, so would the occurrence of cyber-crime improve exponentially! Before we get down to the essentials of the topic, let’s explain cyber-crime. Cyber-crime contains all crimes dedicated to any computer network substructures or environments. Let’s have a roller beermat ride through kinds, motives, offenders, and victims of cyber-crime.

Different Types of Cyber Crime 

  • Computer interruption or Hacking, Password trading
  • Forging of currency
  • Child Mistreatment and Internet Pornography
  • Internet deception and Spam mailing
  • Internet nuisance
  • Internet bomb threats and violence
  • Trafficking in explosive or inflammable devices or firearms over the Internet
  • Pyramid schemes
  • Fake lotto and gaming sites
  • Fake migration assistance sites
  • Fake foreign employ sites
  • Phony online courting partners
  • Patent piracy
  • Trademark Forging
  • Theft of Trade Confidences
  • Hacker-maniacs, Pucks
  • Connection disturbance by uploading and sending worms

And many others. Like any other corruption, Internet-related crimes should be stated to proper law enforcement and analytical establishments at the local, state, central, or world-wide levels, focusing on the crime’s scope and enormity. Citizens who are aware of federal crimes should be obliged to report them to local offices of national law implementation activities.

There is also a need to plan a new and fair rule of involvement for everyone; otherwise, the World Wide Web might be in for an innovative, mutually guaranteed destruction disaster. New Jersey criminal defense attorney can also help you to remove or stop the claims of cybercrimes.

We should all confirm that there is liberty on the Internet in line with all independent principles. However, we should clamour to set up internet crime stoppage and busting organizations to curb the few criminals’ actions that are sabotaging the World Wide Web rather than supporting censorship.

Massive hacking of a high profile website typically creates a furor in the media and congress. But is restriction essential to curb the scams, thefts, scams, pranks, and cyber-attack occurrences on the Internet? Should governments edit or democratize the web?

Cyber-crime varies from real-time crime since all-electric activities can be outlined easily if dispersed, enrolled, verified, checked, and archived when any internet contract occurs. If all countries were persuaded to approve IP Agreements and Conventions, all doings would be noticeable.


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