Reasons to use a CDN


CDN or content delivery network is widely popular these days many leading websites are now using this technology. ahcdn is a network of servers that are located across many geographic locations all around the world. Establishing these servers at many different locations comes with many reasons. Some of the reasons behind using this technology are mentioned below.

  1. Different Domains: Most of the browsers limit the number of connection with the same domain. A browser allows the user to have 4 or 5 active connections with a single domain. So if you need to download multiple large files that mean you have to make available those files on many other domains or servers. In this way you can access more files from single website.
  2. Pre-cached files: There are many websites that are being visited by many people all across the world. When a user accesses any website, the content of the website is already cached to another sub-server which is handling the request of the user. If you access that website the sub-server responds to your request and instantly provides you with cached content of the website. In this way the load on main server is reduced.
  3. High capacity performance: A wisely distributed CDN network will provide you with best performance that it can deliver to its client. All the requests are distributed to all the CDN servers which reduce the chances of data packet loss as well as longer response time. The user request will be handled and executed in very less time providing you with the best performance that a website can offer.
  4. Eliminates heavy traffic: Many popular websites uses CDN network all across the world to reduce the traffic from one single server. All the incoming traffic is also equally distributed to all the servers so that website may not take very long time to respond to the request of the user.
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