Three Effective SEO Techniques to Increase Web Traffic


Driving traffic to a website is essential if it is going to be successful and make money for your business. Without promoting or using marketing techniques to draw attention to your products and services and lead searchers to your site, it will be lost in the sea of the millions of websites online. These effective search engine optimisation techniques can help your business succeed by improve your search ranking and increasing traffic.

Optimise Landing Pages

Whenever an interested party clicks a link to your website, they should be taken to a landing page instead of the homepage. While having an interesting homepage is important, landing pages that are designed well can increase sales and provide more leads. Every link regarding a different topic should take visitors to a different landing page.

An optimised landing page will be created around a long-tail keyword about the product, service, or topic featured on the page. It should also contain fresh content of at least 2,000 words, which can be broken up into several smaller articles, because it can help increase the sites search ranking. Finally, a well-designed landing page will be visually interesting to keep visitors on it longer and allow you to convert them into customers.

Target Mobile Users

Another way to draw more traffic is to appeal to searchers using mobile devices to find the information, products, or services they want. More people are using their mobiles and tablet PCs to find the things they want to buy, whether it is a pizza for dinner or a new car. According to research, about four out of five consumers are now using smartphones to shop online.

Fortunately, by using response designs for your business website, more than one website isn’t needed as it will automatically adjust to whatever device the visitor is using. If you’re not sure whether your site uses responsive design, ask the webmaster. If not, have it redesigned so mobile users can access your site, which will not only increase traffic and sales, but also avoid penalties by search engines such as Google that will lower the search ranking.

Imitate Competitors

An effective technique the SEO company in Perth managing your website can use is to research your more successful competitors’ websites to find out their live keywords and then use them in content. This will help them cut corners because all the hard work has already been done. By imitating your competitors, more organic traffic will be driven to your website, which can help increase sales.

A SEO company has the knowledge and the right tools to conduct a keyword search and use it in the content created for your company’s website. They can select the most successful live keywords, which are those currently ranking at the top on search engine results pages, and help increase awareness of your products and services. This increased awareness can build your brand and improve your sales.

By partnering with an experienced SEO company, you can increase traffic to your site, build your brand, and increase profits.

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