TOP 11 popular applications for Android, which have night themes


Black color always looks stylish. And it is true for clothes, cars and naturally for an interface of a mobile application. For those who agree with this opinion, we would like present a selection of apps for Android, which have night themes in their arsenal. But before we get started, we would like to tell you that if your current smartphone is growing outdated, you can sell cell phones online and get a new one very easily.

In the recent update, the Twitter client has received a night theme, so now it is not necessary to use a third-party program such as Echofon, Fenix or Twidere. The night theme is very handy if you like to use this social network at night.

Not everyone knows that the mobile browser has a special tool to help you clean up the page from the advertising debris and makes them easy to read. However, it has a built-in night theme, which is perfect for reading at night.

The client of the most popular network discussion platform has also recently received a special night mode, which can be turned on from the menu in the application settings.

This calendar has the default black and blue background and you can switch between them in the program options. Other color schemes are paid.

One of the best clients for RSS-streams, which many advanced users have used for a long time. Its key feature is the ability to filter news by keywords, authors and tags.

This application contains maps, videos, daily and weekly weather forecast, and can display warnings about the sudden change in temperature or precipitation. The said information looks particularly great with the night mode turned on.

Weather Underground
Yet another weather app capably of accurate forecasts and displaying them in the night mode.

SwiftKey is one of the most famous and intelligent keyboards, which is able to guess the word you want to type. However, the developers did not forget about the appearance thus offering a dozen of luxurious skins many of which are dark.

Google News & Weather
The weather tool from Google is able not only to report on weather conditions, but also it can inform about the most important events in the world. Developers have kindly provided us with an amazing black theme recently.

Those of us who like to read know about the Pocket app. It allows you to create a list of articles taken from the Internet, and then read them in your spare time, even if you have no internet connection. If you like to do it before going to bed, do not forget to turn on a dark theme, so that you do not spoil your eyes.

The mobile client of the most popular service for reading news in the RSS format. Fortunately, for night owls, the developers did not forget to include a dark theme.

So this is our list of TOP 11 popular applications for Android, which have night themes. In case you have an IPhone but you want to enjoy night themes, once again you can go to this website to find used iPhones for sale and see how much you can get for your iPhone if you decide to sell it.

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