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Do you want to download the videos you watch over social networking sites? The easy and handy way to do this is using the perfect download manager that can allow video download from any website. Vidmate is the ideal companion for this. It is an app that allows its users to download and view the videos from the popular and trending sites. It offers a variety of platform from which you can download your favorite videos and watch them numerous times without an internet connection.

How is Vidmate better than any other download manager?

There are several platforms over which people watch videos; these include YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Vimeo. The content you can download is not just limited to these sites but it supports over 200 other websites for video downloads. The following are the features that make Vidmate better than any other download manager:

  • The videos can be downloaded in HD quality.
  • You can browse videos from various websites with its built browser.
  • The videos you download can also be played without any third party player.
  • It supports many download formats including mp3, mp4, avi, doc and many more.
  • There is the feature of fast download and resuming downloads and multi download option.
  • You can also search for the videos with its search option.
  • Can download audio formats from video without the requirement of any third party converter.
  • It can download large media files like full movies and shows.
  • Can be used to watch the shows from popular TV channels.
  • It is free of cost and doesn’t cost a penny to download your favorite media content.

How to download Vidmate app?

Vidmate app is not available on the Play Store because of being a third party app, however, it is completely safe and secure for your device. The Vidmate download can be obtained in the APK form from its official website and be installed on your phone. You can also download the APK file on your PC and transfer it later on your Android phone. The APK file can be installed on your device without any complex process. Once the app is installed you can enjoy all the features to view, download and access unlimited videos of your choice.

How to use Vidmate to download and view videos?

Vidmate is a simple application with a facile user interface so as to provide flexibility for the new users. Vidmate can be utilized in the following way to download videos:

  • Navigate the site from where you want to download the video using its browser.
  • It will auto-detect the videos; you just need to tap the download button.
  • Now opt for the video you want to download and select the resolution option.
  • You are done, your video will be downloaded.
  • You can also select for the download to proceed in the background, it will notify you once the download is completed.

It provides enhanced features like Private Browser, Private Downloader, and fast download technology. Vidmate is the download manager you were always looking for to download your favorite movies, shows, music or any digital content.

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