Web Hosting Provider also offer these Important Services


Many companies have expanded their service and product offerings that have outgrown their industry classification. Web hosting businesses are no longer just a web hosting service providers nowadays. They offer various other similar services wheremany of them are becoming one-stop shops for the one who need to create and promote their websites or blogs.

The following are some essential services offered by the Web Hosting Service Provider:

#1. Website Builder Tool:

Many web hosting company are now giving sophisticated or simplified website builders that enable their client to instantly create their website immediately after subscribing to their hosting plan.Most of them need a website to be created as fast as possible with the least understanding of the technicalities. Apparently, the web hosting companies accept this and that is the reason why many of them are offering now the website builders tool.However, there are companies like Wix and Weebly that practices using a free website builder service as “bait” for the customers.Where they offer an opportunity to create their websites to look professional for free, and in turn, offer to provide a reliable hosting service for the site by charging it.

#2. Website Design:

Different from the website builders. There are hosting companies that also offer a website designing services which are usually intended for the one who avails their web hosting package and is in demand for the design upgrade. Their websites may have to be improved to take an advantage of the new features or new technologies of web hosting package.

It’s quite beneficial sometimes to use website design offered by the web host because they have already mastered on how to optimize a website design according to their hosting. They can better provide guidance on what is good and what is bad to assure that the resulting site performs at its best.

#3. Domain Name Registration:

Domain name registration is the earliest related service offered by the web host. There have been many providers that conveniently offer bundle domain names with their hosting plans and packages. While there are also some host that providesthese services separately. Most of them are specializing in domain names for their particular region or country. For example, if a web host belongs to the UK he will offer .uk or .london domain names. Moreover, in the years, there were some web hosts that already able to get register with the new top-level domain names like .store, .cafe, .club, and .restaurant.

#4. SSL Certificate                                                                                                        

There are many web hosts that provide SSL certificates to secure a website. Web host provider is not who grants those certificate, they just collect them from the trusted certificate providers like as a GeoTrust. Having an SSL certificate for your site implies encryption of sensitive data on the website. This is important for the websites that allow user registrations, online stores or e-commerce sites. It is essential to have an encrypted to prevent the data theft and fraudulent schemes like phishing.The SSL certificates are offered in several ways, such as basic entry-level website protection, protection meant for enterprises, or protection that includes all websites and sub-domains.

#5. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

The Web hosting has not stopped with just placing a site up and running. There are also many of them who have ventured into SEO. With hosting they also provide services to ensure that your website is competing in terms of getting searched by using specific keywords.SEO is not only about optimizing content or positioning of keywords, it has several aspects. Where optimization methods are also executed in the design of a website. Increasing search ability and avoid getting penalized by Google.In addition, there is link building aspect and not many hosting providers go far offering link building campaigns.

#6. Online Marketing

There aren’t many web hosts who offer online marketing solutions, and you should not be surprised to discover some of them help their hosting customers in promoting their sites.Many of them offer services to increase website popularity, reputation, and awareness.That can involve just email marketing or a full-fledged marketing package which includes SEO and social media marketing.

Web hosting services nowadays offer various other related services that enable to provide everything needed virtually to start or run a website or a blog.

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