Wedding Photographic Tips For Amateurs – Do You Possess A Camera?


Having myself read a lot of photography forums on the web, the most asked question is almost usually “What Equipment Will I Need?” Asking this question at this stage would mean that you are not ready to properly photograph a wedding.The common type of reply to this would more like be; It’s not the camera or equipment, it’s photographer’s creativity to deliver the goods! Though this may be true up to a point, showing up with just a basic digital compact and a step ladder isn’t the done thing. A 35mm SLR film camera would for starters be my minimum requirement or even a 8 megapixel Digital SLR, which are both capable of producing up to A1 prints.

Adding to this a lens selection ranging from ultra wide angle to medium telephoto to begin with possibly a large aperture of F2.8.Then using a decent enough speedlight, preferably a dedicated type with the camera. A stepladder would come in useful for those big group shots.

It is important to know your equipment inside out, in turn knowing and understanding how it works and being prepared for any unforeseen eventualities. A spare camera and batteries is a must…and batteries must fully charged, it’s been known for folk who have had to stop at garage service station on the way to the reception to load up!

Once you can attain some confidence, you can relax and have yourself some fun and enjoy the experience. Wedding Photography carries in itself those pitfalls but is no way different in principle like any other profession.

Getting grief from the guests are the expected norm,as long as you are polite and as effient as possible the day itself will go smoothly as planned.

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