What Do You Need To Think About When Having A Website Designed For Mobile Users


More and more people are ditching their traditional desktop computers in favour of browsing the internet on their smartphones. This reflects the fact that people want to have information at their fingertips when they are out shopping or travelling to and from work.

This means that your website needs to have two versions: one for people accessing it from a desktop computer and one for people who are using their smartphones.

You need to keep in mind that when someone is sat down on at desktop, their focus is much more on your website than if they are interacting with their surroundings whilst using a smartphone at the same time.

How can you make sure that the mobile user’s web experience is as fulfilling as possible?

Take Your Current Website Format And Make It Simpler

You might want to have lots of detail on the desktop version of your website. This is because you have a captive audience of people who are sat at their desks. They might be browsing other websites at the same time, but they are able to process the information because their concentration is fixed on the computer that they are using.

However, the attention span of the mobile user is much shorter. They might be at a sporting event or out shopping when they are looking at your website. This means that they are frequently distracted by other things that are going on.

You should look at what elements you can remove from the desktop version of your website and you should make sure that the user can reach their goal, whether that is signing up for a newsletter or making a purchase, in just a matter of clicks. Then they will be much more likely to return to your site on several occasions, rather than searching for one of your competitors.

A professional web development company can test two site versions to see which one creates the highest number of conversions. This is a process known as A/B testing.

Keep The Branding Consistent Between Both Versions Of The Site

You may be tempted to change your branding slightly when you are having a mobile site developed. This is because you might want your mobile site to have a different look from your desktop site. This is a mistake because users who are going to your website on both platforms might be confused and think that they have somehow clicked on the wrong site.

Consistent branding will help your users to know that this is the same company and not two different ones.

Don’t Use Popups

Popup windows can be useful for desktop users because they can easily navigate between the tabs on the browser that they are using. This is a much more difficult task on a mobile so you should avoid using pop-ups on the mobile version.

Your business needs to have a mobile version of the website created by a professional company.

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