Freelance Web Designer vs. Web Design Firm


A website is the index to one’s business, it carries every minute detail about the profession from the location to the price of services offered. Hence, it becomes utmost important for a person to be vigilant and cautious while he is looking for the right source to design his web page. You always have a choice between hiring a freelance web designer or an experienced web design company. However, before you make the decision you need to keep some of the following prospects in mind.

The purpose, function and size

Before deciding on hiring a freelance or a web designing agency, it is important that you narrow down on the function, size and purpose of your website. If the project is a big one then it is always better to hire an Agency as they would rely on expert staff who can programme and design on a broader spectrum than a freelancer.

Working Relationship and Communication

When you work with an agency, the person whom you speak to usually does not handle your work. He would rather assign the work to his copy writer, web designer and work will be done based on their availability and expertise. However, while you hire a freelancer you get control over his working and hence save your energy and time.

Assurance and Support

A freelance can always understand your target audience, project history and other criteria as and how you want it. You can offer him guidance and recommendations to build what you want. However, with a web agency this becomes a little difficult as different things are assigned to different people and you do not have access to each one of them

Timing & Efficiency

Once you hire a web designing company it is mandatory that you sign agreements and submit your deposits. The completion of your work will depend on the slot allotted to you as the web agency would have to cater to other clients as well. However, on the other hand with a freelancer your site is booked at least a few weeks down the road.

Price & Budget

All other conditions depend on the ultimate criteria that is the budget. Freelancers have no over-head expenses and hence charge you less. A web design agency on the other hand may charge you more due to proximity. It is always beneficial to work with a freelancer in case you have a low budget. If your project is quite big then definitely you need a web designing agency.


In whole, choosing the best web designing source depends on your need, budget, timeline and type of work relationship you would like to establish with the designer. Web design agency offers you more staff resource, professional services, large capacity and quick turn-around. On the other hand a freelancer can provide you with a close knit relationship and promise you long term commitment and a low budget bundle.

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