Three Components of a Website Design


There are three main components that make up a web design. These components are very important to the web design process. There are millions of websites out there, but achieving the perfect design can be done by first identifying the 3 components of a web design.

Backend: The backend is the first component of a web design. The backend is essentially the entire source code of a web design. When designing a website, there are 3 types of files needed to be created. The first file is a css, this is where all the styling will happen. The second file is the php or html file. A web designer has the option of selecting between the 2 syntaxes. Ntw designs is a web design company that is known to produce dynamic php web designs. The third file would be a javascript file. Now the first two files are essentially necessary to start designing. However, there are js frameworks like bootstrap that make designing and animation creation much easier. The third file is optional,but it is most commonly never left out. The source code of a website in the html file and css file is most important. This backend source code should be coded correctly and without error as it can effect the performance of a website.

Front end: The front end is the second component of a web design. The front end code points to the visual design of a website. The back end will code, and the front end will display what is coded. A visually attractive web design can produce great results online. This is why the front end aka the visual exterior of a website is just as important to be designed.

Newest Developments. As the web constantly advances, new developments are never ending in web design. This year, we have taken a right turn in mobile web design. Before a responsive design was once an option, and now with strict mobile-friendly standards, it no longer is an option. New web developments will affect the quality of a website design and should always be kept in mind before designing a website.

Use the 3 components described above to create a better web design for your business!

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