Webpage load speed- Why this is important for your SEO campaign


It is really irritating if we need to spend much time for loading a website. When your website allows very slow page loading, it becomes the major barrier to have a higher ranking in SERP. There may be several reasons behind this slow loading of websites. Low-quality website hosting and poor optimisation are some of the common factors that delay the loading speed of any website. In fact, this page loading time has a direct relation to SEO. Thus, for the fast SEO results, you need to improve your webpage speed.

The speed at which your page is getting loaded may vary, depending on different factors, including the server system and web design. Better hosting and optimised website can lead to faster page speed. But, there’re some other speed-related aspects (for example, the location of users) that may not be under your control.

Why Google gives more values to your webpage load speed?

Google once declared that its search engine would consider page loading speed as the important factor for ranking. Thus, for the fast SEO results, the experts not only optimize your server but also test out this speed. It is very simple to make out why Google has prioritized the site loading speed. If your site loads promptly, your online visitors will have higher possibility to have a remarkable experience. Thus, for a better outcome from SEO campaign, you need to focus on your website loading speed.

A faster loading website has the power of increasing the lead conversion rate. When your website has full of content and quick loading speed, the users may explore various pages easily. Thus, the number of daily page viewers also gets increased.

In fact, a survey has revealed that if your e-commerce portal delays only 2 seconds, you can lose 20 percent of the potential deals.

The SEO experts, who aim at providing you the best results, check your webpage speed with various tools. These tools not only test the speed but also reveal the possible issues, causing a delay in loading pages. By using such tools, it is easy to detect the files that hold up the speed.

Tips for increasing your website load speed

As all the websites are not same, the SEO experts like SEO Shark always use a customized approach for increasing the load speed. For your website, you should-

  • Ensure that you are using powerful server for hosting the site
  • While you have developed a globally accessible website, you have to use a special network for delivering content.
  • Optimize all the videos and images by making them compact without affecting the quality. Use the right format (like GIF or JPG) for reducing the size of files
  • When it is a WordPress website, you need to check whether you have applied only the essential plugins. Installation of lots of plugins may hold back the speed.

Thus, with these simple tips, you can increase the website loading speed. And it will also result in the fast SEO results. Though there are other tactics for SEO, page load can be considered as a significant aspect

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